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New Year, New You!

We have all said this, and we don’t stick to it. Whether it’s lack of motivation or comradery, and/or personal struggles, we don’t always carry through on what we plan. Thinking the New Year will be a fresh start doesn’t always come to fruition. I already struggled with the first two days of the new year. I set personal goals for myself, and they were sidelined due to other people making plans for me. We all know how that goes. My challenge for myself this year is to concentrate on what I want. I am not a greedy person, I just want to put myself before others, becoming selfish and self-centered does not come easy, so far, it isn’t coming at all.

I am hoping you will help me with my struggle for personal freedom while I help you get your home organized. Oh, I don’t mean the Flylady way, though she is wonderful and I have not lived in CHAOS for many years now. I mean it in a way that my home is my palace, it is my favorite vacation spot and it brings me peace. How many of you can say that is absolutely true right at this very moment? I CAN’T! I love our home and our property, but we are DIYers through and through. We have lived in our ever-renovating home for almost 30 years and there is always something else to do.

I would like to bring you a I bit of peace this year so that we can enjoy our homes and be less burdened by the never-ending need for something else to be done. We can begin to accomplish this by examining the health of our home, planning for repairs, and saving for repairs. As house managers, there is much more to manage than the structure we live in. We have family to keep organized, we have gardens, and landscaping plans to implement, we have renovations to plan, and remodeling to do, we have finances to fiddle with, and let’s not forget our constant roaming of Pinterest because we want THAT too. This is just the beginning. Week by week we will work on another piece of the house managers puzzle in an attempt to have that peaceful feeling when we walk in the door and be happy to say “Honey, I’m home.”

Let’s begin. We are going to do this in small increments. January is dedicated to getting our finances in order. We all need improvement somewhere. Today’s challenge is to get a 2022 monthly calendar. Either printing it from the internet or buying one from the dollar store is sufficient. Once you have that in hand, write down all the bills you pay throughout the year on their due dates, how much is due, and to whom you pay. Doing this on an online calendar is also fine, as long as you look at it every day. Let me know how things go and I look forward to meeting with you again tomorrow.

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